Задание к уроку

Задание 1.

Посмотрите прикрепленный видео файл "What's in my travel backpack?".  Составьте свой список вещей, который нужен для вас в поездке  и которые вы возьмете с собой. 

Пример :  I will take my phone, a passport, a bottle of water , a book.

Я возьму с собой мой телефон, паспорт, бутылку воды , книгу. 

Задание 2. 

Раскройте скобки, используя Future Simple

My friend (visit) her grandparent tomorrow

It (snow) in December

We (fly) to New-York next month

I (not\dance) in this ballet show 

The football game (start) in three hours

You ( go) to the cinema with me?

It (be) sunny next week

Задание 3.

What will you do at the weekend? 

What will you do tomorrow? 

What will you do next year?

Пример ответов:

Next weekend I will go to the lake with friends. We want to celebrate my birthday. Next weekend I will be 20 years old and I am very happy. My parents want to gift me a new bike, and my friends are prep a surprise for me

I will spend tomorrow at home. I'm tired, so I want to rest. I will watch TV shows, read books and drink coffee. I think I'll be walking in the park too. Sometimes you need to take time for yourself, then start again.

Next year I will graduate. I feel happiness and joy. I want to start working as a teacher at school. I love children, to learn and to teach. I hope for a good future

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